March 20 Update

This is the most recent information that came in on March 17th.


Bus Pick Up Time:


Number of Busses:

1 Bus

Approximate Tech Time:

3:48 – 4:00

Dinner Break:

4:15 – 5:00

Break with Students:

5:00 – 5:45

Approximate Performance Time:

6:20 – 6:30

Return Bus Time:

7:00 pm

Performance Stage:

McGuire Proscenium Stage



When you arrive at the Guthrie you will proceed to your performance stage.  A volunteer from the Guthrie or MPS will meet you and escort you there. In the theater please sit as a group.


Tech Time:

We only have roughly a 2 - 2.5 hours only for tech on each stage.  I know that this is not a lot of time, so the tech will be very basic.  We have approximately 10 - 11 groups per stage that need to get through their pieces in that time frame.  We ask that all groups stay in the theaters during tech time. This will be an opportunity for students to watch other pieces.


Dinner Break:

Dinner will be served in the rehearsal rooms on the first floor.  We will be serving pizza, both vegetarian and meat options.  Students who have food allergies can bring their own dinner and eat in the rehearsal rooms as well.


Break with Students:

We have about 45 minutes with nothing scheduled for you and your students.  During that time you can rehearse, rest, prepare, or take care of any other necessities during that time. You can be in the open public spaces of the Guthrie or potentially outside weather permitting.  Some of our larger groups may be assigned to other rooms in the Guthrie, more information will follow.


Performance Time:

The show has built in 10 minute breaks for audience members to move between stages and for us to transition between pieces.  You have a total of 10 minutes of performance time and approximately 5 minutes on each end for setting up and tearing down after each piece.  The show order will be shared with you once we get a bit closer.  This is an approximation of when you will be performing but realize that this is subject to change, but hopefully not too far away from this approximation.  I will communicate any major changes with you prior to the 27th.


Performance Stage:

Your group was assigned to a specific stage based on the number of student performers that you have and the material being performed.  We have tried to group performances together for an ease in setup and takedown between pieces. For example we have tried to group all band, orchestra, and guitar performances to one stage, so we do not have to lose much time transitioning between groups.   You will be assigned a location and time to meet prior to your performance.  That will be emailed to you prior to Monday.


Feel free to bring snacks for students, but you will need to eat them in the public spaces at the Guthrie and not in the theaters.