Links for Grade 2

We teach six of Units of Inquiry at each grade level. The six organizing themes are "Who We Are", "Where We Are In Place and Time", "How We Express Ourselves", "How the World Works", "How We Organize Ourselves" and "Sharing the Planet".   

How the World Works

  Weather Research

Use Pebble Go to research 1 type of weather; choose your type from the brainstormed list on the board.

Additional information at Encyclopedia Brittanica OR

In Word (or on paper),

Put your name

Questions to answer:

My Weather type

What is it?

What part or parts of the world does it occur?


Cool Videos:

Nat Geo Wacky Weather

How the World Works

Our World: What is Weather

Find out about Hurricanes

What causes Tornadoes

How a Thunderstorm is formed

What causes Thunder and Lightening?

Lightening Strikes