5th Grade

We teach six of Units of Inquiry at each grade level. The six organizing themes are "Who We Are", "Where We Are In Place and Time", "How We Express Ourselves", "How the World Works", "How We Organize Ourselves" and "Sharing the Planet".   

How the World Works

How the World Works

EVALUATING WEBSITES (or, why we need to cite our sources)

Learning Goal:  I can use critical-thinking skills to evaluate websites for accuracy, credibility, and reliability

1.  Watch the Real,  Fake, or In-Between Powerpoint.

2. Practice evaluating a website as a class.

3.  Evaluate these two websites:

Website #1   http://www.thedogisland.com/

Website #2  https://www.clubpetresorts.com/


Done?   Finish your simple machines assignment OR go to