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Grade 1
1st Grade Team


Grade 1 Homework Policy:

 The first day of Each week first graders will bring home a homework packet that consists of 1 math sheet and fifteen minutes of reading for each day. On the cover will be a short weekly newsletter, room for parent comments and spaces for parents to sign off on the 15 minutes of reading. The homework is to be returned the last day of the week.


Units of Inquiry: 2015-2016

1. Who We Are:  Sept 14 - Oct 13:  Events over time transform families

An inquiry into:

  • structures of families of the past
  • families today
  • causes of change within families

2.  How We Organize Ourselves: Oct 19 - Nov 24:  Communites strive to meet the needs of their members. 

An inquiry into:

  • different types of communities
  • universal wants and needs
  • civic responsibility

3.  Where We Are in Place and Time: Nov 30 - Jan 14:  Immigration and discoveries change how people eat 

An inquiry into:

  • availablity changes diet
  • where food comes from
  • exploration/discovery

4.   How the World Works: Jan 20 - March 4: Earth materials help us meet our basic needs

An inquiry into:

  • earth materials
  • similarities and differences of earth materials
  • uses of earth materials 

5:  Sharing the Planet:  March 7 - April 22: Every organism depends on its biome

An inquiry into:

  • organisms
  • types of biomes
  • human impact


6.  How We Express Ourselves: April 25 - May 27: People develop imagination and creativity through visual art

An inquiry into:

  • emotional connections
  • how inspiration compels artists
  • artists from around the world