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Grade 5


Units of Inquiry 2015 - 2016


1.  Sharing the Planet:  Sept 14 - Oct 23:  Biodiversity relies on maintaining the balance of organisms within systems

An inquiry into:

  • natural systems
  • ways in which organisms are interconnected in nature
  • human interaction can affect the balance of systems

2.  Where We are in Place and Time:  Oct 26 - Dec 4: Exploration and colonization may contribute to conflict within communities

An inquiry into:

  • the motivation of exploration and settlement
  • the interactions between indegenous populations and settlers
  • the impact of exploration and colonization


3.  How We Express Ourselves:  Dec 7 - Jan 20:  People use artistic expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings

An inquiry into:

  • exploring dance, improv, and photography
  • experience art forms
  • additional art forms


4.  How We Organize Ourselves: Feb 1 - Mar 11:  There is an interconnectedness between government and its people

An inquiry into:

  • need for government
  • structure of government
  • lasting effects of the constitution


5.  How the World Works: March 14 - April 29: Human needs and curiousity can lead to technological advances

An inquiry into:

  • simple machines in every day life
  • engineering and design process
  • force and motion


6.   Who We Are:  May 2 - June 3: 

EXHIBITION - Students are expected to carry out an extended, collaborative inquiry project, known as the Exhibition, under the guidance of their teachers.