Box Tops, Etc.
There are many ways you can save and earn for Whittier! Turn in any of the following labels/coupons at any time in the red bin outside the main school office.
Box Tops 4 Education
"Box Tops 4 Education" coupons are found on the boxes of many products you may already use: General Mills cereals, Kleenex facial tissues, Ziplock products, Go-gurt, Pull-up diapers, and many more -- see link for complete list. Clip them and return them to the red bin outside the school's main office. Check the expiration date to be sure that it is clearly visible and not expired. Each label is worth 10 cents for Whittier!
You can also deposit the box tops in the cardboard school bus outside the office.
Campbells Labels for Education
Campbell's products Labels for Education coupons must include the UPC code or they will not be accepted. Includes products such as Campbell's soup, V8, Bic pens, Pepperidge farm, etc. -- see link for full list.  Each label is worth points that can be redeemed for merchandise for Whittier!
Kemps dairy products Nickels for Schools
Collect specially marked caps or proof-of-purchase symbols for Nickels for Schools -- each is worth 5 cents for Whittier!
Holy Land Brand Hummus & Dip Coupon
Special coupon on the back of the outer packaging of selected Holyland Brand products -- worth 25 cents each for Whittier!
(Page updated 8/16)