Dianne Skoy - Advanced Differentiation Interventionist
Dianne Skoy

I began my career in Minneapolis in 1978, retiring in 2003 to spend time with my Father and it was a gift; in 2008, Minneapolis was looking for reading specialists and I came back to teach Middle School reading (which I did for the next 4 years).  The MS reading program that I was part of was phased out this Fall and because of my elementary experience along with my Reading Specialist certificate, I was offered the position here.  I have much to learn about IB and continue to read and look at the curriculum to make our day filled with great ideas and allow the children to develop the skills of inquiry.

I have had many great opportunities including teaching first and second grades, 5 years as the K-2 Literacy Coordinator for the Mpls. District, and coaching in the Reading First program at Jenny Lind.  I can think of nothing more exciting than watching the students learn to read books at their level with discussions about authors, characters, and similarities/differences in story plot and write, first using a phonetic alphabet  and then graduating to proper spelling.   It is said that you must learn to read so you can read to learn and that should be the natural progression in grades K-8.

While reading this past weekend I came across an article that I want to guide my practice as I continue to try to be the best teacher for my students.  The article empasized that education should be a journey and not a race.  My hope is that the students will remember how much they learned in first grade and the fun they had!

I love spending time with friends and family, going to movies and theatre, traveling, and reading!

You can reach me by email (Dianne.Skoy@mpls.k12.mn.us),cell (612-386-4701), home (952-944-3993)


Dianne Skoy