Edith McDonald, Art Teacher
Edie McDonald
Visual Arts Specialist Whittier School

Welcome to the Art Home page.

I am very excited to be at Whittier IB World School this year! A little about me, my name is Edie McDonald I have been teaching Art for 18 years, 12 years for Minneapolis Public Schools, 3 years for St.Paul Public Schools and 3 years in Canada where I was born. My academic background is in Fine Arts (BFA) and an Elementary Education (BEd) at the University of Manitoba. I enjoy painting landscapes and drawing botanical illustrations. I love commuting by bike on the Greenway. I am inspired by the Art of other cultures and base each lesson on seeing the world through a Global lens.

New this year the Upper grades at Whittier will be using Chromebooks in the Art room. They will create both hands-on Art projects and digital Art. They will learn how to use drawing apps and web-based interactive tools, they will research Artists and participate in gallery "webcrawls".  They will study the work of artists from around the globe and create artwork that connects to the 6 IB units of inquiry. Their projects will develop the visual literacy skills and digital literacy skills they will need to creatively communicate their ideas in our increasingly digital world.

The lower grades will be working on project based learning that connects to their IB Unity of Inquiry. They will collaborate on projects and create community Art shows throughout the building and in the larger community.

My philosophy is that the Art room is a place where the students are challenged to make their thinking "visible". The students build Artists habits of mind: Develop craft, engage and persist, envision, express, observe, reflect, stretch and explore, understand the Art world. Studying Art prepares students to succeed in an increasingly visual world and work place. Research continues to prove that the Arts accelerates students learning. 

Visitors and volunteers are always welcome in the Art room come and see what our talented Whittier students are engaged in. 

*Donations of old men's dress shirts are needed for painting projects to protect clothing.

*Donations of toliet paper tubes and paper towel tubes for sculptural work is needed. Drop-off at Office check-in counter. Thank you!

I can be reached via e-mail at: edith.mcdonald@mpls.k12.mn.us

IB Portraits

Here are some of the Grade 3 /4 / 5 Portraits that were featured in the Black Sheep Pizza Art show and during the month of October they will be on display at the Davis Center Link Gallery. Some of these are self-portraits some are imaginary portraits. All of them  showcase the students drawing skills, self-expression and creativity as IB scholars. Enjoy!

Navajo Paintings

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 studied Navajo blanket designs and created their own designs. The students worked from postcards of Navajo blanket designs to inspire them. They drew their own interpretation of the types of line patterns and then painted their design with tempera paint.


Grade 2 students studied US currency and then created their own "Superbuck" money.