Ford Campbell
Ford Campbell

This is my eigth year as a member of the Whittier teaching team.  I'm excited to be embarking on a new adventure as a Talent Development Teacher for grades three, four and five this year.   In this role I will be working in classrooms with identified advanced learners, helping to ensure that all our students are working at a level that challenges and leads to academic growth.  I will also be teaching fourth grade telescoped math.

Before coming to Whittier, I taught at Pratt School in Prospect Park, where I spent five years as a second and third grade teacher.  I also enjoyed twelve years at Pillsbury Math, Science, Technology School in northeast Minneapolis teaching third and fourth grades.  

I earned a Bachelor of Music degree from St. Olaf College in Northfield, and a Master of Elementary Education from the University of St. Thomas.  Before becoming a teacher, I spent some years working as a musician, a baker, and a volunteer coordinator for a non-profit organization.  I treasure those years that I spent away from the world of education, but truly enjoy teaching and spending my days with students. 

I live in the Uptown neighborhood, and savor my pleasant stroll to and from Whittier  each day.  What a luxury to walk to work!  When I'm not teaching at Whittier, I enjoy walking the lakes, practicing yoga, and playing bassoon in the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra and the Dolce Wind Quintet.      I'm also teaching myself to play the accordion.  

You can contact me at school by phone by calling school at 612-668-4170.  I check email frequently, and this is the best way to contact me.  My email address is