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Grade 4
4th Grade Team




Fourth Grade Unit of Inquiry

October-November 2016


Unit Vocabulary:

law                          Congress

city                          mayor

state                        governor

country                   president

government           legislative                       

judicial                   executive


PYP Attitudes:




PYP Learner Profile:





Key Concepts:

Form          Function

Change      Responsibility




Who We Are - October 17-December 2


Central Idea: Systems and structures facilitate decision making.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Who makes the rules/laws

  • How rule/lawmakers get chosen

  • Changing laws

How can families help at home?

  • Watch the election updates on the news. Discuss what you see. Ask your child who he or she would vote for and why.

  • Watch a city council meeting together on TV.

  • If you are able, bring  your child with you to vote on November 8th.

  • Share with your child laws and/or lawmakers you remember from when you were young.

  • Discuss the laws seen around us that affect our daily lives (e.g. traffic laws).