Spanish Club
Spanish Club, 2015
Language learning is fun at Whittier - join the club!

Registration form for 2016-17 Spanish Club is available at the bottom of this page


Whittier's Spanish Club is a before-school language enrichment program open to all K-5 students on a fee basis. Spanish Club meets every Tues/Thurs morning (8:25-9:25am) that school is in session from the Tuesday after Labor Day until the Thursday before Memorial Day. Spanish Club is facilitated by Whittier's community partner, Language Sprout. In Spanish Club, students are taught Spanish in a theme-based, successive language program. Each week, students are introduced to a new set of vocabulary and verb pairings. Reinforced through games, song, dance, and stories, Language Sprout encourage students' natural abilities to learn a second language with success!

Spanish Club is a fee-based enrichment program. Sliding-fee scholarships are available on a needs-based request. Please contact Language Sprout's director, Rebecca Wilson Schwengber, directly to register and apply for scholarships, and for any programmatic or logistical questions. You can reach Rebecca by email at or by phone at 651-323-9523. Families enrolled in Spanish Club can follow the club's blog; to find the club's blog click here

Whittier's Spanish Club is another opportunity for Whittier students to learn Spanish. This is in addition to the school-day Spanish language learning offered as part of Whittier's IB curriculum.

Language Sprout also offers parent language classes and family-friendly game days, movie nights, and other language-learning resources at its offsite locations in St. Paul and Minnetonka. A Minneapolis site is coming soon...stay tuned! All Whittier families, regardless of enrollment in Spanish Club, are able to access these language enrichment opportunities. Register for Language Sprout's offsite programs through its website: Additional information on Language Sprout and its current program offerings can also be found on its Facebook page at


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