No. 77
Whittier Weekly News
Do something dynamic! Experience life-changing growth as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor.
Apply now to be a tutor to K-3rd grade students who struggle with reading by serving as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor at Whittier! Whether you want to explore a career in education, re-enter the workforce, or give back to your community, you can make a difference as a tutor. Last year, Minnesota Reading Corps provided direct services to more than 30,000 children in more than 700 schools across the state.
As a tutor, you'll see a student's progress - in their test scores, in their other school work and in their eyes as they light up with the satisfaction of knowing they can learn. No child wants to stand out because they can't learn as quickly as other kids. We're helping more kids catch up and soar on their own. And you can be part of it. 
Tutors receive extensive training and support from onsite coaches. Tutors are paid a living allowance, given federal student loan forbearance, and are eligible for an education award of up to $5,815 at the end of their service. Tutors 55 or older may gift the award to a child or grandchild. 
Learn how you can get involved by visiting MinnesotaReadingCorps.org. You can also help by telling a friend or family member (grandparents make great tutors, too!) about openings at our school and statewide! Positions start in August for the 2017-18 school year, and applications can be submitted here for a full time opportunity and here for a part time opportunity. Send questions to Nicholas.abraham@servetogrow.org or call 612-567-9583.
Music News
Kindergarten & 2nd Grade Performances were on Wednesday, May 31st. If you missed seeing our kids perform, you can find the performance videos on the web.

Select 5th Graders will perform at their promotion ceremony. Students are selected based on their vocal leadership and ensemble habits.   Students are encouraged to practice being reflective by reviewing their progress videos which are online. Contact me if you have any questions about your child's inclusion.  Videos of their performance will be up on the web within a couple days of their performance.

Music Section of the Whittier website:   whittier.mpls.k12.mn.us/music   
Choose Pictures & Videos > 16-17 School Year to see your child in action.
Choose Lyrics and your child's grade to practice at home.
The password for accessing protected pages on the Music site is Bananas

Use the Music section of the Whittier Web Site to see their work in class and to find out what's happening on a regular basis. Students can continue their Musical learning by using the resources on the site.  
Contact: kbennett@mpls.k12.mn.us
Kinder Graduation Ceremony
Parents/guardians and siblings of our Kinder students are invited to a Graduation Ceremony on June 14th, 10:30 a.m. In the Gym.  Invitations will be sent home from our Kinder team, we look forward to celebrating this important milestone with you!
5th grade Recognition Ceremony
Parents/guardians and siblings of our 5th grade class are invited to a Recognition Ceremony on June 14th, 2:00 in the Gym.  Invitations will be sent home with your 5th graders, please mark you calendars!  We look forward to celebrating this important milestone with you and our students!  See you there!

MacPhail Instruments
Pianos and Violins need to be returned by 4th and 5th grade MacPhail students to the Whittier Office as soon as possible.  Thanks for your cooperation!
Message from the School Nurse

If your student has medications in the health office. Please arrange with the health office to get them home by the end of the school year.
5th grade EXHIBITION

The 5th grade classrooms are deep into their Exhibition project exploring the Central Idea, "Change and Growth can be communicated through artistic expressions."  The exhibition is an important milestone for IB students in their final year of the Primary Years Program. You are invited to join us on the evening of June 8th from 5:00p.m. To 7:00p.m. for a celebration and showcase of this learning.   Invitations and permission slips  will be sent home to 5th grade families this week and next week to all Whittier families.  
Yearbook Updates

Did you order a yearbook?  Yearbooks went home with students who ordered them earlier this week.  There were some orders where money was received, but where there wasn't a name with the order.  If you sent in a post-it, flier, envelope or order form but didn't receive your order, then you can do one of the following: 1) Send a note with your student-the student or teacher can pick up the yearbook from the main office; 2) Stop by the main office and let the front desk know you need to get your yearbook-fill out the pickup form and take your yearbook. 

Forgot to place you yearbook order?  There are a limited quantity of yearbooks still available for purchase.  They will be available to students and staff the last week of school on a first-come, first-served basis.  You or your student can bring $5 cash or check (payable to Whittier PTA) to the main office to get a copy.
THANK YOU to all the families and staff who supported the Whittier PTA this school year!  Through your combined efforts, we were once again able to fund the Amity intern and McPhail music program.  In addition, we helped fund 12 field trips and dozens of requests from staff for various classroom and school resources.  We also had the pleasure of co-planning some fabulous social events that brought our community together.  Good luck to our 5thgrade families who won't be back next year.  For the rest of you, we can't wait to see you again in the fall to continue the work of supporting the Whittier students and staff!
Coming in 2017-18: Before-School Spanish Enrichment!
Beginning Tuesday, October 3, Joyce will be bringing linguistic and cultural immersion to Whittier. Through hands-on, contextual, and fun language lessons and activities, students will learn in Spanish and engage with Latino culture, enriching the first hour of their school day. 
  • Open to all Whittier students, including native Spanish speakers!
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m., beginning in October
  • Scholarships available
  • Combines Spanish language learning with Latino cultural experiences
Questions? Contact Thressa, program manager for Joyce at Whittier, at (612) 823-2447 ext.
111 or thressa@joycepreschool.org. Registration will be open in August; contact Thressa now to put your name on the list to receive more information! 
Joyce is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide children from diverse ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds with developmentally and culturally appropriate preparation for success in school and lifelong learning. Joyce offers bilingual preschool, family education, and leadership development programming with an emphasis on celebrating many cultures. Visit http://www.joycepreschool.org/ to learn more. 
Laura Tompkins / Executive Director
laura.tompkins@joycepreschool.org / 612-823-2447
Joyce Preschool
Office: 612-823-2447 / Fax: 612-979-2612
3400 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Soccer Fair

Saturday, June 10th, 2017
Whittier Park, 425 W. 26th St.
·      Soccer drills and scrimmages led by Sanneh Coaches
·      Healthy Picnic Lunch
·      Art Activities
·      Bean-bag toss, frisbee
·      Free Event for All Families