Classroom Consideration Form

Please click here to submit the online Classroom Consideration Form for 2016-2017.

Dear Whittier Parents/Guardians:

 This Whittier staff is an excellent staff with a variety of training and talents.  On April 11th the teachers and I will begin to develop class lists for next fall.  We recognize the uniqueness of each child and we strive to provide the most appropriate classroom environment for all students.  Your input regarding any special needs you would like for the team to consider when assigning your child to a classroom will be greatly valued.

 If you have specific grade level questions, Beth Mason (Parent Liaison) would be able to direct you to an instructional Leadership Team (ILT) staff member who can provide answers or clarification.  If you have a specific concern and want it to remain confidential, it must be in writing and sent to the attention of the Principal for it to be taken into consideration.

 Please note, classroom teachers, resource teachers, specialists and administration work closely to balance classrooms.  We undertake a thorough process of addressing individual student needs.  At the same time, we will develop compatible groups of students who will work and learn together.  There are numerous factors that are taken into consideration as we develop classes:

  • Best classroom environment for your child
  • Compatible groups of students who will work and learn together
  • Children with special needs
  • Gender and number balance
  • Range of abilities
  • Parental information related to special needs