Comprehensive District Design (CDD) Survey

Whittier PTA wants to make sure families are informed about the Minneapolis school district’s effort to design how Minneapolis schools will be structured in the future.  The proposed plan is called the Comprehensive District Design or CDD.  It will have a long-term impact on our children and the future of Minneapolis schools.  The proposed plans call for some major changes at the elementary and middle school levels.  These include changes in school boundaries, a reduction in magnet schools & a different middle school structure.  Up to 63% of students might change schools depending on the plan chosen.


For Whittier students, the proposed plans would have several impacts.  Whittier would change from a magnet school to a community school.  In other words, you would need to live in the neighborhood to attend the school.  Whittier’s new pathway middle school would switch from Anwatin to Andersen Middle School.  The school may no longer be IB and is expected to have less racial and economic diversity. 


We encourage you to learn more about the CDD and its goals by going to the school district’s website at  Many of the materials are available in Somali and Spanish.


We also encourage you to make your voices heard by completing the Comprehensive District Design Feedback Form


The PTA is working on a list of hopes, concerns, and questions to share with the school district and school board.  To share your thoughts, email or write them down and bring them to the Main Office.