Displaced Families - Rent Assistance

Displaced families; resources for food, clothing, financial, medication

Emergency housing assistance from Hennepin County: People who live in Hennepin County who have been financially harmed by COVID-19 may qualify for emergency assistance to help with rent and other housing costs. Find out more and apply online.

Families in need of emergency housing support:

  • The Red Cross is coordinating emergency shelter for those who are temporarily displaced due to the recent events: 612.871.7676; press extension 1.
  • Families experiencing a housing crisis not related to the recent events can contact the Hennepin County shelter team: 612.348.9410.

$15 M in CARES Act funds appropriated by the Hennepin County Board for rent assistance is now available through an online application. More details here: https://www.hennepin.us/residents/human-services/emergency-rental-covid19

  • If people apply for these funds they will also be reviewed for eligibility for Emergency Assistance.
  • Applications to apply for rent assistance for residents living in suburban Hennepin County cities will now be coordinated through the same link listed above. Much work has been done to coordinate resources to eliminate the “run around” for residents.
  • People who applied for Mpls Gap Funds should all have now been informed if they will or will not be receiving these funds. Emails and letters went out a week or so ago.

This additional, streamlined assistance is good news and is desperately needed particularly as we anticipate the June 12 end to the Peacetime Emergency Declaration that includes the MN eviction moratorium. At this point we do not know if there will be an extension to that moratorium. About 25% of renters remain covered by the federal eviction moratorium that applies to any units in federally financed properties. This moratorium remains in effect until July 25. If you want to look up a specific property there are some tools to do that located here:  https://www.nhlp.org/campaign/protecting-renter-and-homeowner-rights-during-our-national-health-crisis-2/

For food, clothing, financial or medication assistance, the City of Minneapolis has a list of resources for residents who need help.

If you need help accessing additional resources, contact your Whittier school social worker, or call the MPS Mental Health Support Hotline at 612.767.4158.