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High Five

High Five is a half-day program for Minneapolis children who turn four by September 1st and who will start kindergarten the following fall. Priority placement for High Five goes to students who meet one or more of the following criteria: qualify for free and/or reduced priced lunch, is an English Learner, is homeless, has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or an Individual Interagency Intervention Plan (IIIP) or is identified, through health and developmental screenings, with a potential risk factor that may influence learning. Children that are age-eligible for kindergarten are not eligible for enrollment in High Five unless specified by his or her Special Education Individual Education Plan (IEP).

To apply, complete a school request card; call 612.668.1840 for registration information and materials.

High Five is a program that prepares children for kindergarten by focusing on the whole child.  High Five uses researched-based and age appropriate curricula based on the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Creativity and the Arts
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical and Motor Development

Sliding Fee Scale for the High Five Program

Minneapolis Public Schools is required by state law to establish a sliding fee scale for High Five students.  The sliding fee scale establishes a recommended amount of payment for service based on family income and family size.  No child will be excluded because of their family's inability to pay.  The fee for High Five is waived for children who qualify for free and/or reduced priced lunch or who receive special education services.  Families that do not qualify for free and/or reduced price lunch will be charged based on the sliding fee scale.


MPS High Five Sliding Fee revised Jan 2016 (PDF)

MPS High Five Sliding Fee revised Jan 2016 Hmong (PDF)

MPS High Five Sliding Fee revised Jan 2016 Somali (PDF)

MPS High Five Sliding Fee revised Jan 2016 Spanish (PDF)

High Five is located throughout the Minneapolis Public K-8 schools:

High Five Sites