Ford Campbell- Math Interventionist
Ford Campbell

As math interventionist at Whittier,  I work with students needing extra support to find challenging math to explore and conquer.  My job is half-time, and I’m generally in the building from 10:00 - 3:00, Monday through Thursday.

Before coming to Whittier, I taught at Pratt School in Prospect Park, where I spent five years as a second and third grade teacher.  I also enjoyed twelve years at Pillsbury Math, Science, Technology School in northeast Minneapolis teaching third and fourth grades.

I earned a Bachelor of Music degree from St. Olaf College in Northfield, and a Master of Elementary Education from the University of St. Thomas.  Before becoming a teacher, I spent some years working as a musician, a baker, and a volunteer coordinator for a non-profit organization. I treasure those years that I spent away from the world of education, but truly enjoy teaching and spending my days with students.

I live in the nearby Lyndale neighborhood, and savor my pleasant stroll to and from Whittier each day.  What a luxury to walk to work! When I'm not teaching at Whittier, I enjoy walking the lakes, practicing yoga, and playing bassoon in the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, the Mississippi Valley Orchestra,  and the Dolce Wind Quintet.  I also play the accordion, just for kicks!