Whittier's IBPYP World School Timeline


Whittier’s IB Journey


2005 Application submitted and approved to become Candidate school


2007 Whittier becomes an Authorized IB World School


2010 Whittier 2-day IBPYP Evaluation  #1


2015-2016 Whittier completes IB PYP Self-Study


Nov.  2016 Whittier 2-day IBPYP Evaluation  #2


Jan.  2017 Whittier receives evaluation report, with four Matters to be Addressed


Dec. 2017 Whittier submits Matters to be Addressed Action Plan


2018-2020 Implementation of Whittier’s IBPYP Action Plans


2020 5 year continuous improvement cycle restarts (Self Study, Eval visit, Report   

from the IB and Action Plan refinement and implementation)