How CDD will impact Whittier School

As expected, the Minneapolis School Board voted on 5/12 to approve the Comprehensive District Design (CDD) plan submitted by the Minneapolis Public Schools administrators in late March.

Key changes include:  1) redrawing the boundaries for many schools; 2) changing the middle and high school pathways for many schools; 3) reducing the number of magnet schools and placing them more centrally; and 4) changing the types of magnet schools available.  Changes to school structures & boundaries will not begin until the 2021-22 school year.

For Whittier, these changes mean:

1. Whittier will be a community school instead of a magnet school—transportation will only be provided to those who live within the new community school boundaries (unless transportation is provided as part of certain special education services)

2. Whittier will not automatically remain an International Baccalaureate (IB) school—Whittier would need to apply to be a “specialty school” in order to keep the IB curriculum

3. Whittier will have new pathway schools—Andersen Middle School and South High School are the pathway schools

Based on current school district information, about half of Whittier’s current families live outside of the new community school boundaries (Franklin Ave to Lake Street/Hennepin Ave to Chicago Ave). It is still unclear whether families outside the school boundaries will have the option to choose Whittier if they are able to provide their own transportation. Families will have the option to choose their community school or request one of the magnet schools. Whittier families will find the following information helpful:

1. Look up your community school:

2. School boundary maps:

3. Find information about all schools: (includes both current and proposed information for grade configuration, types of programs, number of students attending school, number of students eligible for free/reduced lunch, number of students of color)

Additional information can be found at: