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Whittier Community School also uses alternative methods  to contribute financially to the school —mainly by leveraging existing corporate programs which make donations from your purchases! It doesn’t cost you a thing and it is easy and fun to do! Please encourage family and friends to save for Whittier through the variety of programs listed.

Please check for these items at home.

Clip & Save Programs

Box Tops for Education

Clip & Save: Cut and save Box Top coupons from brands like General Mills, Pillsbury, Kleenex, Old El Paso, Ziploc, Progresso, Annie's, Green Giant, Totino’s, and Cascade Farms. Each Box Top coupon is worth $.10. Cub & Hyvee frequently have bonus Box Top coupons that print at the register based on your purchases. Some are valued at $5.00-10.00!

Bonus App: All you need is your smart phone and store receipt. Select items earn bonus Box Tops each month and are applied to our account. Most bonuses earn $.20, making this an easy, high-tech way to triple our earnings!

Click on the link above to visit the website for money saving coupons & to enter sweepstakes that earn Bonus Box Tops prizes for Burroughs!

Holy Land Hummus

$.25 coupon on back side of cardboard packaging

SunnyD Book Spree

For every 20 labels received, SunnyD will donate 20 free books!

Kwik Trip Milk Moola

Got milk? Look and save specially marked caps at Kwik Trip. They earn $.05 each!

Labels for Education

Look and save Labels for Education logo on brands like Campbell’s, SpaghettiOs, Pepperidge Farm, Pace, V8, Prego and Swanson. Collected labels are then redeemed for points to purchase needed school supplies for Burroughs.

Tyson Project A+

Clip and save Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson products - like Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Strips. Each label is worth $0.24.

Loaves 4 Learning

Country Hearth and Village Hearth bread have specially marked UPC labels, each one turned in earns $.05!