Jenny Kraft

Miss Kraft – 5th grade!

Hello!  I have been in the district since 1998! I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Bethel College.  Although as a young adult I felt like first or second grade would be my calling, I took a long call reserve position in a 5th grade classroom and have been teaching 5th ever since. I could literally write a book as to why I love this age. In short, as the oldest elementary children, less than 300 days away from middle school, they are at such a sweet and complex point in life. They are each 100% child yet they are reaching for the independence and maturity of their teenage years.  I really enjoy teaching, learning from and getting to know students at this age in their lives.

In my “free” time, I am a mom.  I have two children, both born in Haiti.  We love to frequent our city parks by bike, scooter or foot. You may find us at the Midtown Global Market as well. Our dream as a family is to take a trip to Haiti!

Becoming a parent caused me to do much research on homework and my findings are that there is very little correlation between school performance and homework at the elementary age. Reading, of course, it extremely important and 5th graders should be reading up to an hour each day in their free time. I also encourage my 5th graders to consider spending less time on a screen! J  Please enjoy your evenings and mornings as a family doing the countless things you have to get done!