Kelly Arrington, Social Worker, High 5 - 2nd Grade
Kelly and Jeremy
Me and My Husband Jeremy

Hello! My name is Kelly Arrington and I am so honored to be a school social worker at Whittier International Elementary. I am originally from Iowa, and have worked for the district as a school social worker since 2014 in multiple schools and for many different programs. At Whittier Elementary, I support our younger students and their families from High 5 through 2nd grade. I facilitate special education due process, offer assistance for homeless/highly mobile families, intervene in matters of attendance, and serve as a point person for mental health and child welfare concerns. Additionally, I will support building-wide strategies for Social Emotional Learning with my social work colleague Tasha, and will be a strong advocate for student support. I love working in the diverse, culturally rich community that is Whittier International!

I graduated with my masters in social work from Loyola University, Chicago with a concentration in Children and Families. My undergrad is from Luther College where I also majored in social work. I came to work at MPS after several years working as an outpatient therapist with Children and Families. While in that work, I partnered often with teachers and social workers in schools and found myself called to the school model of support. My past experience in thearpy has truly guided my work as a school social worker. I approach special education with equity first and foremost. I work with children experiencing behavioral challenges from a mental health and trauma informed lens. In my desire to have schools meet needs of all students, not just those that are socially and emotionaly typical, I decided to return to school once again. In 2019, I graduated with my Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. I hope my gained knowledge in school leadership can help as we work to make school successful for all students.