La Shawn Hankton - Transportation

Hello Whittier Wolves 

Believing that you are capable of finding reasonable solutions to day to day problems help keep you actively engaged and enthusiastic about your work, so I believe 

Having worked & learned from students, staff, parents and so many more elements being a MPS employee within these 20 years define that I enjoy what I do. 

I ventured into the MPLS Kids program back in 98 then I gained interest in our special education department which led me back to school studying Psychology, however after getting some familiarity w/how MPS utilize its’ employees I began to want to know more about as many classifications I could to become a well-rounded employee, which has proven to be an asset. In addition, I became equally interested in MFT L59 so much that I was member elected ESP 2nd Vice President and I have also served as a district ESP PD Mentor. 

My favorite color is Black. 

I listen to conscious music (Danielle Brooks - Black Woman) 

I want/need clear communication. 

I whole heartedly believe in the power of energy – I don’t put out negative aura nor do I willingly place myself in or around unproductive environments or people. 

My dream vacation is the underwater restaurant in Dubai. 

La Shawn norms are: 

Respect all perspectives… 

Equity of voice… 

Assume good intent… 


Speak your truth… 

“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.” — Malcolm X 

* Whittier Essential Agreements 

o Be open minded in our approaches to collaboration, planning, teaching, and reflecting. 

o Be respectful communicators, share your truth with grace, and listen with positive intent. 

o Be caring and supportive in meeting the needs of our students, colleagues, and ourselves. 

o Value our time together by being present in the work. 

In Solidarity!!!