PTA Executive Committee

Whittier International's PTA Executive Committee is a group of volunteers that coordinates the PTA's functions.

The Executive Committee consists of:

  • elected officers,
  • chairpersons of standing committees, and
  • a school representative appointed by the principal.

Please see the sidebar for a listing of this school year's PTA Executive Committee members.

The Executive Committee's duties are to:

  • Transact necessary PTA business in the intervals between association meetings
  • Create standing and special committees, appoint committee chairs, recruit committee members
  • Approve, guide, and assist standing and special committees in their work
  • Oversee the association's budget, including preparing annual budget, disbursing PTA funds, and auditing the treasurer's accounts
  • Communicate PTA actions to the school community

The Executive Committee meets monthly, typically one week prior to the monthly PTA meeting. Any member of the school community is welcome to bring an agenda item or discussion topic before the Executive Committee. Contact the Executive Committee at any time at: