School Supplies

Sending school supplies with your child at the beginning of the school year is optional. As a part of building a school and community of learners, we keep all items in a central location and model how to share communal resources and materials. This helps to build ownership among everyone and teaches our students responsibility for communal supplies. We have many supplies (e.g. paper, pencils, markers) in storage at school that can be used from year to year. 

Below are suggestions, but not expectations, of supplies parents/caregivers can purchase for their student(s). Please do not label the materials with your child's name. Please bring supplies to school during the Fall Open House or on the first day of school.


Whittier International Elementary Baccalaureate PYP                        
2019/2020 School Supply List by Grade Level                        
Ms. Haberman     (1) 24-pack Crayola crayons                  
Ms. Olson/Buchholz     (1) pack Crayola washable markers                  
Mr. Matt     (8) Elmers Glue Sticks                  
Ms. Hilary     (1) box Dry Erase markers                  
      (2) boxes Kleenex                  
      (1) pack baby wipes                  
      (2) plain plastic folders                  
      (2) wide-ruled plain notebooks                  
1st Grade                        
Ms. Boldt     (1) 24 pack Crayola crayons         Clorox wipes        
Mr. Abdi     (2) boxes Expo Dry Erase markers (black)         Zip-lock bags lunch        
Ms. Haeg     (1) box Elmers Glue Sticks         Zip-lock bags gallon        
Ms. Pendelton     (1) pack 3X5 index cards                  
      (1) pack pre-sharpened pencils                  
      (1) pack washable Crayola markers                  
      (1) box Kleenex                  
      ***$10.00 donation for future supplies                  
2nd Grade                        
Ms. Rudolph     (1) 24-pack of Crayola crayons         Ms. Shanahan :        
Ms. Samuelson     (2) slim black Expo Dry Eerase markers         (4) spiral notebooks        
Ms. Shanahan     (4) Elmers glue sticks         WIDE-ruled        
Mr. Lee/Ms. Ryder     (2) Pink Erasers         (1) packing or Scotch tape        
      (2) boxes of pre-sharpened pencils                   
      (1) Ziplock bags (Quart or Gallon)                  
      (1) pack 3X5 index ruled cards                   
      (1) kid scissors                   
      (1) box Kleenex                   
      ***$10.00 donation for future unforeseen supply needs                  
3rd Grade                        
Ms. Vang     (2) Pink Erasers       Sanitizer wipes          
Ms. Paulson     (1) box Expo dry erase markers       Zip lock bags - gallon size          
Ms. Jones     (1) box markers       Zip lock bags - sandwich size          
Mr. Berkley     (1) pack Crayons                  
      (1) pkg colored pencils       Ms. Paulson : loose leaf lined paper          
      (2) boxes pre-sharpened pencils       Ms. Vang : 1 spiral notebook          
      (1) blue folder                  
      (1) red folder                  
      (1) box Kleenex                  
      (2) composition notebooks                  
      (1) small bottle of glue (no glue sticks please!)                  
Fourth Grade                        
Mr. Van     (3) plastic 3-prong folder (1 blue, 1 green, 1 black)                  
Mr. Belsito     (3) Meade wide-ruled composition notebooks (black/white cover)                  
Ms. Mundt     (1) pack wide-ruled loose leaf paper                  
      (1) pack 1 cm grid/graph paper                  
      (1) pack Crayola basic color markers                  
      (1) pack Sharpie CHART paper markers                  
      (1) box Kleenex                  
      (1) package white copy paper                  
      (1) pack Expo dry erase markers                  
      (1) pack of Ticonderoga pencils                  
      (1) pack glue sticks                  
      Optional: Lysol wipes                  
Fifth Grade                        
Ms. Wells     (24) Pre-sharpened #2 pencils,                  
Ms. Swatosh     (3) Meade Wide-Ruled Composition Notebooks                  
Mr. Alex     (3) 2-pocket folders (blue, orange, yellow)                  
      (2) Elmer’s school glue 4 oz bottles                  
      (2) Sharpie fine point Black or Blue pen                  
      (1) pack Crayola classic markers OR 1 pack Crayola colored pencils                  
      (1) box Kleenex                  
      (1) pack of Expo dry erase markers                  
      (1) pack of wipes (unscented)                  
      ****$10 for PLANNERS FOR 5th Grade students                  
ELL Team                        
Ms. Malmgren     Expo dry erase markers - all colors                  
Ms. Done     Clorox wipes                  
Ms. Solberg                        
Ms. Daub                        
Phys Ed/Gym                        
Ms. Bryand     Tennis shoes for gym class!                  
Mr. Walraff                        
Ms. Freddy     (1) box Kleenex                  
      Clorox wipes                  
      (1) box markers