Spanish Club
Spanish Club, 2015
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Registration form for 2017-18 Spanish Club is available at the bottom of this page


Whittier's Spanish Club is a before-school language enrichment program open to all K-5 students on a fee basis. Spanish Club meets every Tues/Thurs morning (8:30-9:30 am) that school is in session from Tuesday, October 3 through Tuesday, June 5. Spanish Club is facilitated by Whittier's community partner, Joyce Spanish Immersion. In Spanish Club, students are taught Spanish through hands-on, contextual lessons and activities that follow the curriculum of Whittier's Spanish lessons. Each week, students explore age-based and experience-based activities that encourage students' natural abilities to learn a second language with success!  Additional information about Joyce Spanish Immersion is available in Spanish and English.

Spanish Club is a fee-based enrichment program. Enrollment for Joyce Spanish Immersion at Whittier begins July 1 each year. Sliding-fee scholarships are available on a needs-based request. Scholarship forms are included in the registration forms below.  If you have additional questions about the program, you may contact Thressa at 612-823-2447, ext. 111 or

Whittier's Spanish Club is another opportunity for Whittier students to learn Spanish. This is in addition to the school-day Spanish language learning offered as part of Whittier's IB curriculum.


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